Jeffrey Langhorst freelance av technician


AV services I provide

Lifecore Certified Operator

Experienced in operating a wide variety of mixers and switchers.


Extended knowledge how to setup and adjust professional projectors of several brands in single or multi projector setups.

LED Displays

Absen, Barco, Lighthouse LED Display setup and configuration.


Samsun, NEC, Orion wall installation and calibration.

About Me

Most Important Values
  • Representive
  • Skilled
  • Client Friendly
  • Teamplayer


Since 2008, my Dutch wife and I live in Spain. We have decided to build a future here. I have learned a lot from my first years in Spain. Starting from scratch, I learned a new language, found my way in another country and another culture. That I would proceed in the audio-visual sector was without a doubt. What I especially like in this work is its diversity and the variety of clients and companies I work with. I like the way technology is constantly changing and gets better and better. I think people appreciate me, and like to work with me, because I adapt myself to what is needed in every situation, and also because I find little problems in connecting people from different countries and cultures. Finally, I kept the Dutch no-nonsense work ethic.


Since November 2012, I am an independent audio-video technician in the region of Barcelona. I am available for the set-up and operation of a wide range of audio-visual equipment in the audio and video area. My specialties are as described above: projections (projectors and video/LED walls), distribution of various signals, audio conferences, translation systems and video conferencing for rental or fixed installations, last year I added the LiveCore and Spyder platforms to the list. I am a big fan of Apple, but also have extensive knowledge of other systems including Windows and Linux.

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